What is AREarthroid? [アプリの紹介]

An application that displays the earth (augmented reality) AR.
operates in more than android 2.2.
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・The map displayed in 3D view and the Earth.
Orientation of the Earth in the 3D view, based on the direction of the terminal obtained from the sensor will be displayed in the "an AR".
Map and the Earth position is displayed, the value obtained from the GPS coordinates will be front and center.
This means that the orientation of the terrestrial magnet is displayed.

・The AR can be displayed to the synthesis of the Earth and the 3D image from the camera.

・You can display a "Amesh data."

・You can display the position of the satellite GPS.

One used for?

It does not matter if using, use the following method has been assumed.

・Use as a compass

If you put on the desk terminal, earth seen from above will be displayed. If you see like a familiar map, direction will be on top of the north terminal.
AREarthroid has the magnetic north correction function. From the direction information from the sensor, you will be able to know the "North" exactly.
Now, if you are in Tokyo own, Hokkaido appears near the top, that direction will be to the north.


・Use as a rough clock

AREarthroid calculate position of the sun, by the system date and time, and then displays. To use as a clock, but is absurd, if you know the approximate time. Sunset can also occur.


・Know the direction and distance of a location

"When Mount Fuji and direction? Or would appear from here, or there?"

If you think so AREarthroid comes into play.
Place the marker to the position of Mt. This is useful when you place a marker, is it you want to search.
Later, if "all round going around" with the terminal, you'll be able to find. Mount Fuji is located in the direction marker is displayed.
Distance, which appears when you tap the marker on the map. Large enough will be displayed in the 3D view is also nearby, is the approximate distance you can see.


・To know whether it is raining

"Rain. It going to rain Why is the rain came up to where?"

If AREarthroid, you can view the most recent data Amesh. Can be displayed to AR, whether it is raining in the direction of your progress you'll find good deals.
It is also possible to obtain the data for up to one hour before. You can play them continuously drag or flick the 3D view. Well you can see the movement of clouds.

Amesh data displayed only around japan.


・Know the state of reception of radio waves from GPS satellites

"But I can be in the GPS positioning in the room?"

In AREarthroid, acquires the location information using GPS. In addition to that, you also get status from the satellite radio receiver GPS. Based on the information obtained, and display it in the 3D view satellite GPS.
Will be that if you do appear in the 3D view satellite, radio has not been received. The exact positioning, without capturing four satellites will not be heard. If you do not see only three, positioning will not be able to.


・Look somehow

It is also fun just looking at the muzzles.


How to get

You can download from Google play.
AREarthroid free

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